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hey y'all!

with the transition, all of our mods have also been swapped to support the new site engine, mybb. this means the way that subaccounts work has changed! this thread provides a walk through of how to attach subaccounts. additionally, it seems the transition has left us with one notable error- all passwords for your subaccounts seem to be invalid now. we are so sorry for this inconvenience, but the staff team is prioritizing these password changes to help. below the guide will be a quick form to fill out so staff can temporarily change your passwords and pm them to you!

- navigate to the user cp by hovering over your username on the top right of the navigation bar.
- on the left hand side at the very bottom, select account switcher.
- "attach user to a current account" should be selected by default- we want to keep this selected.
- type in the username of the subaccount you want to link (be sure it is exact).
- type in your password.
- once connected you should see them appear on the right hand side.
- to switch accounts, look at the left hand side, there should now be a vertical bar that has appeared. select the three horizontal lines at the top of the bar. click the desired account you want to swap to!

just fill out this super quick form. do your best to ensure the username is as close to as you can remember (feel free to cross check on the old bearbones site to ensure you got them all!)
username(s): please separate them with a comma or other notable symbol
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