the loner land territories
Since the connected world breathed its last breath in 2017, the land has changed. Once great cities have been left abandoned, networks of roads now crumbling. As groups fractured and rearranged, what was left of society withdrew. The groups that remained isolated themselves, distinct territories with boundaries and borders. The gaps between, while unclaimed, are not entirely unexplored. While wandering the world, there are plenty of sights to see.

THE SCRAPYARD is a perilous place, even discounting the piles of metal and derelict electronics. Stacks of metal, some rusted and others well-preserved, creak in the wind, so watch your step. Dogs that had at one point been used to protect the now-broken chain link fence have continued to breed, and with the absence of human contact, they can be quite feral. Whether or not broken equipment is worth the risk may be up to you, but who knows, really. There could be all sorts of treasures underneath rusted cars.
CLOSEST TO: The Badlands

THE CITY is certainly not the most pleasant place to be at night. Walking through the skeleton of a place that had at one point thrived is spooky, to say the least. Some sections are in worse condition than others, with crumbling floors and holes in the walls, with plant life struggling to grow through the cement. Others look almost perfect, aside from some moth-eaten furniture and carpeting. Although it has plenty of places to sleep for the night and you may find some much-needed supplies, you should still be careful. The city never really sleeps, even now.
CLOSEST TO: Northstar District

THE SUBURBS, on the other hand, are almost as peaceful as you can get in the apocalypse. Lawns that had once been short-cropped and well-maintained are now overgrown and wild, bright paint cracked and peeling. The security gates are useless now, with holes in privacy fences and unkempt hedges. The homes that had once housed the dreams of many are now little more than pretty kindling. Still, the suburbs have always housed all manner of secrets, and many families left in a hurry when the lights stopped flickering.
CLOSEST TO: No particular group.

THE GROTTO is a strange place indeed. If one wanders far enough into a dense forest, they may find themselves at the mouth of a massive cave. Though the entrance is dark, it lightens quickly within a few minutes of walking alongside a gently trickling stream. Then comes the sight that is capable of taking breath away: the cave's ceiling suddenly stops, and light floods a section of forest cut off from the rest. One particularly massive oak grows in the center, reaching towards the sky. Who knows what mysteries could hide under those branches?
— [i]CLOSEST TO: Flintlock Lodge
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