about staff applications ( how to apply! )
hey y'all! the staff team is ever growing and changing, and to organize things as best as possible and ensure no member is looked over, the staff applications board was created! if you'd like to be apart of the staff team, please, keep reading!

being promoted to staff means you start off as a community assistant. this rank comes with no powers/abilities and is a stepping stone into the staff ranks. you will be included in most all staff decisions, will be responsible for welcoming new members and answering questions in the helping hub, as well as overall lending a helping and friendly hand around grimmoon! continue to work hard, and promotions are in your future!

to be a part of staff, please understand you need to have certain traits to be an effective member of the team. such traits include the following: an ability to step back from any bias and view a situation as a neutral third party, patience, a level head and open mind, an ability to be welcoming/friendly, a good attitude, and insensitivity are just a few. it is also strongly recommended that if you have a sensitive issue that flares up frequently, such as bad anxiety/frequent attacks, you shouldn't apply if you know it'll negatively effect you in some way as a staff member. as staff, you deal with a many stressful issues and drama, so please understand you have to be able to handle such situations.

if you'd like to apply, just make a thread entitled "___'s staff application" and include the below form in your thread. please, do not bump threads- as all are being considered when we search for new staff members regardless of their position on the board! if you'd no longer like to be a candidate for the staff team, please lock your thread!

[b]screen name[/b]
[b]activity level[/b] ?/10. offer some more info on your usual schedule
[b]experience?[/b] have you handled any site projects before? been a staff member on a site? etc.! anything you think would help prepare you for a staff position!
[b]time spent on rp sites[/b] not just on gm, but any other rp site!
[b]why do you think you'd be a good fit?[/b] probably what we'll be looking at the most!

good luck to all the applicants! if there are any questions, please message any staff member.
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