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This is a basic guide to The New World and how to play in it. If you'd like more information on any of the two main groups specifically, here's a link to their guides: Black Sky Republic, The Badlands. If none of those catch your interest, check out the Loner Lands, or propose your own group idea in the form of an interest check in the Helping Hub!

The New World is a post-apocalyptic but otherwise realistic roleplay for those who want the style of a main game. There are no powers, nothing that you wouldn't find in our world and shortages of some things that would. Characters are welcome to have animals as pets, but you cannot roleplay from the perspective of an animal in TNW (though there are plenty of other places on the site where you can).

The New World is set 20 years from the current year - 2023 our time would be 2043 in The New World's timeline.

People had been told for years that technology would be the thing to end humanity, but it was not anticipated that the lack of such thing would be the true cause of humanity's downfall. An advanced, nearly sentient computer virus overloaded the systems with so much data that it caused the Blackout. Shortly after the day the virus began its work, the electrical systems shut down due to lack of computerized control. The year was 2017, and it wasn't long before most of the world went black. It didn't all go out at once, there were still a few power plants and other sources that still worked, and the electricity produced went towards the wealthy and influential, leaving the poorest places on earth without power. By 2032, fifteen years later, the remaining plants and generators were destroyed — not by viruses but by humans, either envious, angry or perhaps even just finishing the job. Because governments were unable to restore power, they lost the control they had over the masses. People were disillusioned by the poor handling of the crises, and anarchy became the new rule of law. Old countries disbanded, and new groups formed in the wreckage.

It has been over two decades since that fateful data assault, and now the only source of power comes from a rediscovered primitive form of electricity — almost nonexistent, highly coveted. After years of bartering, the currency system was reformed by newly fledged coins known as Bones. There are two main groups that have proved themselves to be large powers in The New World, but they are unable to thrive without the knowledge and expertise of other neighboring groups. Between the groups there are plenty of loners and bandits, not to mention the wildlife, which has become a much greater threat without advanced weaponry being readily available. Guns and especially ammunition and gunpowder are harder to come by and, despite the manufacturing of unrefined bullet castings, there is a lack of many tools that would otherwise put humans at the top of the food chain.

By 2043, electricity had been rediscovered and set in place to rebuild the world as characters' past generations had once seen it. However, it would soon prove to be a monumental change so profound that people would soon realize that it would take decades to return to the world's former technological glory. There are, of course, alternative sources of power such as solar panels and water wheels, that can be used to some extent.

The environment of the planet is still as varied as ever, and due to liquid space, any changes in temperature for certain places would be up to leaders. There are areas that are fairly irradiated, which can be quite dangerous to venture into.

  • All overarching Grimmoon rules apply.
  • No passive aggression or rudeness. Take care as tone can sometimes be hard to gauge over text.
  • You may not play a high position (HP) without being appointed to it by staff or the group's leader.
  • You may not give your characters any kind of supernatural powers or abilities, and anything to the effect of 'mutations' must be actual mutations that humans have.
  • TNW is governed by realism rules, which will be explained in-depth below. Anything you're unsure of, please ask any staff member.
  • No powerplaying or godmodding, unless you've been given permission by your writing partner.
  • As this is not an 18+ forum, you must keep your writing at PG-13 level. This means fading in/out when it comes to sex.
  • If you see someone breaking the rules, you can report the rule break, however aside from governing your own threads it's best not to get involved with staff's work aside from reporting.
  • HPs should give a reason oocly as to why someone was demoted so the writer knows what to do to improve in the future.

Realism Specifics
— It's important to think about weapons, tools and supplies. Remember, it has been years since the time of mass production of products, so characters are more likely to be successful in creating their own melee weapons, tools and supplies. The same goes for food; non-perishables are likely to have been used up and so nutrition would more likely be found in hunting, fishing, foraging and collecting animal products such as eggs and milk.
— Many non-necessities are scattered about and fairly easy to scavenge, as most people focus on things that lend to survival like weapons, ammo, food, water, medicine and shelter.
— This is completely realistic in human and animal capabilities. No special mutations that don't actually exist in the real world.
— While characters are allowed to have pets, animals cannot be written in TNW with conscious/acknowledged thoughts.
— Characters can tame wild animals, however it must be done realistically, such as taming while they're young/injured, and have real consequences, such as a food drain or turning on the character.
— Although electricity has been rediscovered, it does not mean that it has been fully restored. Infrastructure has become damaged beyond repair and electrical grids no longer work, so it is unlikely that large appliances such as working fridges or medical devices like ultrasound machines would be easy to come across. Photography, telegraphy, telephony, railways, electric lighting, and industrial control engineering are the only few complex systems and processes that can be developed in the coming years.
Please acknowledge the incredibly talented, creative people that helped put the game together! You might recognize some of these names - if you know someone who is (or you are a player) that actually goes by a different name now, please let us know!

South, Felix, Asyli, Kaliko, Sultan, Woodsy, Fuentes, trailhead, Jenn, teayl, Amberpelt9752, Dovey, Snowashe, Monaco, Saccharin, ~treble~, MikeFuentes, shortcomings, and ALL the former/current leaders in TNW who currently tweak and add their own spin on this grand idea!
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