I'M TIGHT // Silas
[div style="borderwidth=0px; width: 333px; min-height: 347px; padding: 0px; text-align: justify; font-family: georgia; font-size: 7pt; color: #000000; line-height: 99%;"]It had been a pretty slow business day for Salem. With only a few customers coming in to buy things, Salem had used most of the day to sit back and read at the checkout counter, only pausing to help customers and take care of Jasper. With her literacy improving by the week, she was steadily burning through books and running out of ways to get more. She loved the way that they pulled her out of reality and into some other world - there were still some things she didn't understand, like what cows were or how someone could just make light from thin air, but she figured these concepts were relevant before she was born and appreciated the fact that she was learning about history, despite the fact that it seemed outdated to her.

With a hum, she closed the book she had been poring over, finally having finished it. She looked around and was shocked: the sun had set and, having forgotten to light her candles, her shop was pitch black.

Well, it is past closing time, Salem hummed as she stood up and stretched before reaching for the matches, I doubt anyone is still lingering.

However, when she lit the first of her many candles, Salem noticed a tall, dark figure in the corner. Her eyes widened in shock, but she didn't make a move towards it. Instead, she asked, "You do realize that we're closed, right?"
> overall status: 100%

> physical status: stable.
> physical health: 100%
> physical afflictions: none yet.
> minor injuries: none yet.
> major injuries: none yet.

> mental status: stable.
> current status: stable.
> mental health: 100%
> mental illnesses: None
> mental damage: None
> Elisa Barone | "Salem"
> Female
> 24
> Dark brown hair that varies in shade, pale, blue green eyes.
> Carries at least 2 cigars at a time, a small handgun, and a small switchblade.
> tall, lanky and a bit awkward physically.
> N/A
> N/A
> medium physically | easy/medium mentally
> non-violent power-play allowed
> no kill | request maim/capture
> ask to attack in bolded, underlined and italicized black
> Lionel King x Melissa Barone
> Son Jasper
> Half brother Rafe
> Half niece Gigi
> Cat Chrisanthymum "Chrissy"
>Bisexual | no crush
> this text + this color = this meaning
━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ even if my way is wrong
a small everyone. | beware hidden scrolling
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