coding changes
hey y'all!

the site transition has slightly changed how we code! for the most part (that we have since been able to test) coding is essentially the same as from bearbones. however there are a few notable changes we have noticed that we will keep a list of here. eventually, we will create a revamping coding guide, but that will take some time- so in the meanwhile, see below!

ALIGN the align code no longer works outside of divs. commonly we would code [ center ][ div… ]. now, to center our divs i recommend using the styling: [ div style=“ margin: auto; “ ] which will work just the same.
@ MEMBERS this no longer is an active feature. we are looking into installing a similar mod, though!
CLOSING YOUR TAGS on bb, many of us would leave our codes open as posting would essentially close them for us. however on gm, it is extremely important you close out all your tags. ex [ div style… ]test[ /div ] <- being your closing tag!
IMAGE BACKGROUNDS on bb, we usually would type "background-image: url(link);" whereas now, we must include a apostrophe around the link within the parenthesis. so: "background-image: url('link');"
TABLES now on gm, we have to name our tables. previously, we would just create [ table ], but now we must use [ table=name ]. so, say i'm creating a section in my template for rules, i could use [table=rules]! this will help with organization nevertheless.
FONT AWESOME ICONS previously, we would use [ fa ]fa-name[ /fa ], now we use [ icon ]fa-name[ /icon ]
, utilizing the specific name of the fa icon (which you can find by navigating to the official fa icon website).

so far, that is all we have been made aware of. let us know below if you encounter another issue or different way of doing things! we will add it to this list and will do our best to find a solution!
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