new ideas thread ( community input! )
Hey guys! You all know we try to hear everyone's ideas and viewpoints, and so today we're adding this thread. What is it? Well it's a thread for you all to throw your ideas at us, and if it is theoretically possible, (like there's nothing that might preventing us from doing it, examples will be provided below) we can make new threads so everyone can discuss it further without any ideas getting buried in one big thread. A few things to note are that: one, while staff may say something is theoretically possible, that doesn't mean it will get implemented, just that we'd like to see more discussion around that thing. Two, keep everything civil and follow all of our rules. Three, try to run any ideas you might have past us here before making a separate thread. Four, this was actually suggested by firebird and if anyone has any suggestions, they can post them here or pm myself or any staffer!

Examples of things that aren't theoretically possible or otherwise shouldn't be suggested are:
- Changing our age rating. Per our host's requirements, this will not be happening and we will remain pg-13.
- Adding a mod for posting templates; trust us, we're looking and we're doing our best to find one compatible with our version of mybb, but it's not easy to find.
- A new main game. Okay, while this is theoretically possible, it won't be happening without seeing a large amount of activity to support it.
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